Michael's practice centres around his abstraction of reality to explore concepts about being human.

By using a hybrid of techniques and utilising skills in multiple disciplines he creates an emotional connection with the viewer by entering into the realm of ambiguity, a place where he believes an intangible beauty resides. Portraying a concept in a visually poetic way and delivering the photographic component as more of an artful process rather than just a record.

He has always been visually driven, from discovering faces within the patterns of his bedroom wallpaper as a child, to his visually arresting images he has created throughout his career as an art director.

Although very much an emerging artist, (Michael won Capture magazine’s top emerging art photographer 2018), he has had two exhibitions at Edmund Pearce Gallery in Melbourne, had work hung twice in the NPPP at the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra, at the Head On Portrait Prize, and at the Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize at the NSW State Library, amongst many others.


Achievements and Exhibitions:

2019 Top ten Capture magazines emerging Art photographer.

2019 Selected Exhibitor HeadOn Photo Festival - Me Gallery - Shifting Presence

2018 The Josephine Ulrick & Win Schubert Photography Award prize finalist - Shifting Presence #7

2018 VOTED AUSTRALIA’S TOP EMERGING ART PHOTOGRAPHER - Capture Magazine 2018. Plus 1 x top ten portfolio, 2 x top twenty portfolios, 2 x top thirty portfolios.

2018 The Hornsby Art prize Finalist - Shifting Presence #7

2018 IPA Awards honorary mention – ‘Shifting Presence' series –  Fine Art collage.

2018 The Other Art Fair - Selected exhibitor.

2017 IPA Awards honorary mentions – ‘Stationary Stationery' series –  Advertising product.

2017 The Other Art Fair - Selected exhibitor.

2017 Iris awards PCP Semi-Finalist - 'Black #4'.

2017 Capture magazine's top ten emerging art photographers.

2016 Moran Photographic Prize Semi-Finalist - ‘Aquarium’ - Online. 

2016 National Portrait Prize Finalist - ‘Charlotte 11.005479’ - National Portrait Gallery. 

2016 IPA Awards honorary mentions – ‘Water Flowers' series –  Fine art / Still life, Nature / Flowers, ‘Glass #5 Milk’ –  Fine art / Still life.

2014 IPA Awards honorary mentions – ‘Wild Child’ –  Fine art / Abstract, Fine art / Other.

2014 Exhibition at Edmund Pearce Gallery Melbourne – ‘Memories #2’ series.

2013 Head On Portrait Prize shortlisted – ‘Bobbi’ – ACP.

2012 D&AD pencil - ‘Buttercup’.

2012 IPA Awards honorary mentions – ‘Memories series #1’ –  Fine art / still life, ‘Still empty life series’ – Fine art / still life, Nature / Other.

2012 Moran Photographic Prize Semi-Finalists – ‘Horsie’, ‘Into the woods’ - State Library

2012 Inaugural exhibition of Edmund Pearce Gallery Melbourne - ‘Memories #1’ series.

2011 IPA awards Honorary mentions – ‘Buttercup’ - Advertising, ‘Blowing in the wind’ - Fine art / Landscape, ‘Cocoon’ - Self portrait.

2011 Head On Portrait Prize shortlisted – ‘Mitco’ – ACP.

2011 Moran Contemporary Photo Prize Semi-Finalists– ‘Mitco’ + ‘Nadine’ – State Library.

2011 National Portrait Prize Finalist - ‘Charlotte Dark’ – National Portrait Gallery.

2010 Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize Finalist – ‘Spidey’ – State Library.

2010 Sony Projections Finalist - ‘Grown’ series - Chaval Cinema Sydney + travelling exhibition.

2010 Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize Semi-Finalist – ‘Couple on boat’ – State Library.

2010 Head On Portrait Prize Finalist – ‘Charlotte Dark’ – ACP + travelling exhibition.

2010 IPA Awards honorary mentions - ‘Kitchen blossom series’ - Advertising, ‘Train of sleep series’ - People / lifestyle, ‘Favourite things series’ - People / Children, ‘Southern Cross station’ - Architecture / Buildings, ‘Inside #6’ – Advertising.

2009 Winner Best New Commercial talent ASWPP edge photo awards, finalists – ‘TOS#1’ + ‘TOS#2’ - The Hogan Gallery, Victoria.

2009 Mosman Photographic Art Prize – ‘Cocky’ – Mosman Council.

2009 Head On Portrait Prize shortlisted -  ‘Matt Bat’ – ACP.

2009 Moran Contemporary Photo Prize semi-finalists – ‘Smoko’ + ‘Nose Job’ – State Library.